The Bathelier Travertino


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A visibly compelling space is no longer enough to satisfy homeowners. Their needs and behaviors are key to craft an engaging, holistic experience… and, most importantly, wellness is thriving. Enter the bathroom, a dynamic, ever evolving living space that provides healing through multisensory experiences that reinvigorate the mind and the body. A space that transforms itself continuously along with your home and your needs.

Contemporary, intimate and sophisticated elements create a balanced space.

Two walnut vanities outfitted with Dekton’s Purity sink give the owners plenty of space to store and discreetly put away toiletries and containers. the bookshelf provides ample space to display their magazine collections and store extra candles and toiletries.

The terrace and the greenery provide with the perfect backdrop for the tub. A serene oasis where to unwind and regroup. The shower is located in a separate room where the ritual of water and escaping from everyday¬¬ life happens.

Fantini’s Icona Classis timeless collection was selected for the faucets. This reinterpretation of the classic tap, playing with proportions in a subtle, refined way, gave the space the final touch of timelessness it needed.

Once again the file rouge is Dekton’s Marmorio and Sabbia form the PIETRA KODE collection. Travertino bring us back to Rome and all its splendor.