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Since my first conversation with Lorena I loved her vision for OMET. When the opportunity to collaborate arouse I immediately knew what kind of pieces we will be designing. I’ve always been attracted to lava stone, its porosity and imperfect texture and we knew that those qualities made it the perfect media to explore in this exciting collaboration. Adding contrast, the use of brass became key to give the “raw boulders” the much needed structural solidity and stability pieces of this nature and scale demand.

The first pieces of this collection, named AUREA, gave me the opportunity to explore the materials and dig into the “brutalist” side of my design. The table, stools and poltrona are devoid of any unnecessary design gestures showcasing the beautiful imperfections and scale of the lava stone in all its glory. In the process, I also felt that it was also important not to lose the “function and ergonomic aspect” of the collection. AUREA is a combination of simple forms and textures creating a sensory experience beyond what the eye can see.