ICE Collection

Bernhardt Design

The Ice tables are inspiring gallery objects that elevate occasional tables to a new level. The eye-catching hand-blown glass tables are instant conversation starters and enhance any room.

“Working with glass is magical. The heat of the ovens, the energy of the makers, the “dance” of the many people assisting during the process, and the beauty they create every time the molten glass is blown in a form, is pure bliss. It is a perfectly imperfect process where the art of the maestro is represented in every unique piece. I have the utmost respect for the “human touch” of the artisans of Murano.”

The Ice Collection is comprised of tables offered in three sizes and three different colors. The smallest table, which measures 13” x 19,” has an oblong cantilevered top, and the round tables are 21” diameter and 28” diameter. The color options are cobalt blue, amber, and smoke.

President of Bernhardt Design, Jerry Helling, says, “Daniel is someone I’ve always wanted to work with, and I was certain he would propose an interesting product. However, I was astounded when he presented the concept for the Ice tables. We’ve never worked in glass before, but I knew it was worth the learning curve to do something this special. It is simply a beautiful product and one I would like to own personally - which to me is the sign of a good design.” Germani adds, “Working with Bernhardt Design is a dream come true. For many years, I’ve looked forward to seeing what products Jerry will introduce. Now, being part of his group of designers fills me with joy and gratitude.”

photography / bernhardt|design / ilaria zago