The Bathelier Ceppo


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A visibly compelling space is no longer enough to satisfy homeowners. Their needs and behaviors are key to craft an engaging, holistic experience… and, most importantly, wellness is thriving. Enter the bathroom, a dynamic, ever evolving living space that provides healing through multisensory experiences that reinvigorate the mind and the body. A space that transforms itself continuously along with your home and your needs.

For this very outgoing couple the idea was to design two separate vanity areas to accommodate the different needs while creating a more playful and convivial feel in the shower/bathing area. All while keeping the feel of a private sanctuary, one where little daily rituals of self care makes us whole everyday.

The two sink areas are clean and with ample space to store and spread out. Stain, scratch and high impact resistance made the selection of Dekton Purity sinks easy.
When selecting the bathroom hardware we chose Fantini’s Sailing Collection. Its clean, elegant lines complemented perfectly the feel of the space.

The file rouge of the whole project is the use of Dekton’s Ceppo, one of the colors in the PIETRA KODE collection. Ceppo’s brutalist feel highlights the more subtle, warmer design notes throughout the space.