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Casa Foa Argentina

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The development of this kitchen/dining room project takes place in a building that witnessed one of the most tragic events in the history of the city of Buenos Aires.

From a place of respect for the building, its history and the restoration work executed in the 90s after bombing we approached, together with MeMo Arquitectas, the design of a space, austere in its aesthetics but very current in its functionality. Plastered white walls, restored original terrazzo floors, warm woods, indirect lighting to accentuate the impressive heights of the space are some of the decisions we made to cretae an intimate yet very welcoming space.

A space that looks to the future with optimism and that benefits and learns from the changes generated not only by new technologies but also by the effects of the pandemic. The inclusion of technology and multiple sensory experiences help transform a space that lacks terraces or large windows into a place connected with nature and the outside. The use of LED lighting, a composting area, a winter garden to grow herbs and vegetables and above all the reuse and revaluation of what already exists in the building reinforces the idea of sustainability.

The space welcomes us with a foyer where the winter garden is the great protagonist. Once inside the space we find on one side the dining area and on the other side the kitchen, wet and preparation areas. An island with four open sides becomes the heart of the space where cooking is an activity that can be done as a “family”. A flowing space that allows one to share intimate moments or with friends. In the dining area the traditional bench is also transformed into a "lounge" where you can read, relax or simply be.

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