La Vuelta

La Feliz

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    La Feliz
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    Collaboration Furniture
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La Vuelta is a collection with timeless elegance. Minimalist design that expresses the idea of comfort in a very simple and direct way. Cozy, refined and rich in sensory emotions. Soft, rounded, and welcoming, La Vuelta invites you to be embraced by its shapes.

These past few years have been transformational in countless ways. It has challenged the way we live, showed us what’s important and, most profoundly, where we find a sense context. La Vuelta encompasses all of that…a place where I find meaning.

With Mariana Flombaum we always talked of doing something together in Buenos Aires and the partnership in this project seemed like the perfect fit.

After a few deliberations, we approached La Feliz with an idea, a seed that bloomed into a beautiful collection of furniture. At the very core of La Feliz’s philosophy materials speak and that is what made us connect at a deeper level.

La Vuelta consists of a sofa system in three different sizes, low coffee tables and side tables.