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Traditionally tea and coffee ceremonies involve pausing, sharing and withdrawing from the outside world. Sharing stories, pouring your heart out to a friend, laughing out loud and even silences are all part of these rituals. We celebrate just being. With loved ones or by ourselves.

Inspired by all of the above, Daniel Germani designed ORIGEN, a collection that consists of five basic forms - a teapot, a coffee maker, a cup, a plate and a milk jar - in grés ceramic. Meticulously hand-crafted and hand-painted means that each piece unique and irreplicable.

The collection is a testament to Germani’s passion for one of the world’s oldest art forms. “I always wanted to explore grès ceramic...I am drawn to the imperfect nature of the clay; unglazed exterior walls create a beautiful, uneven texture that I absolutely adore” says Germani.
Soft, yet strong forms. Beautiful colors, developed with special pastes to achieve the desired palette. The unexpected details that turn each piece into a collector's item.

The new collection, which took more than a year and a half to complete, is an intimate process of exploration which comes alive in the textures and colors of each form.

ORIGEN transmits the passion that both Daniel Germani and MeMo dedicate to each project.